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The competition is organized in order to enrich musical life in Kuldīga and its district, commemorate the memory of our excellent cello player and teacher Karl Davidov who was born in Kuldiga and promote young cellists on their professional development. The competition is organized by Kuldīga District Council in collaboration with Ernests Vīgners Kuldīga Music School.


1.   Time and place

1.1. The competition will be held in Ernests Vīgners Kuldīga Music School in Smilšu Street 6, Kuldīga from May 6 – May 12, 2018.


2.   Participants

2.1. The competition is open for professional performers and students studying cello in Latvia or other country.

2.2. The competition will be held in four groups:

2.2.1.   Group “Hope”- without age limit

2.2.2.   Group A – (the youngest) age up to15

2.2.3.   Group B –(the medium) age 16-20

2.2.4.   Group C – (the oldest) age  21-29


3.   Procedure of submitting applications and payment

3.1. The participant must fill the Application Form electronically. Application Forms can be found at the competition website: Application deadline is February 16, 2018.

3.2. Applicants have to send following documents by email to

3.2.1.   Copy of passport or birth certificate;

3.2.2.   1 recent portrait photograph (JPG);

3.2.3.   Payment order;

3.2.4.   Music scores for a free choice composition, if you need an accompanist from organizers.

3.3. The participation fee for age groups A, B and C is EUR 80.00. The participation fee for group “Hope” is EUR 50.00.

3.4. The organizers can provide accompanist, if necessary. The fee for the services of accompanist is 50 EUR that includes one rehearsal (1 hour) and one performance at each stage of the competition.

3.5. The fee for participation and/or for the accompanist has to be paid by February 16, 2018 to:

Kuldigas novada pasvaldiba

Reg. No. 90000035590

Address: Baznīcas street 1, Kuldīga, LV 3301

Bank: SEB banka


Account No: LV26UNLA0011001130401

With notice – Name Surname For Karl Davidov Cello Competition

3.6. If the participant fails to appear, the participation fee will not be reimbursed.

3.7. After all the information is received the organizers will send the newest information to participants


4.   Reward fund

4.1. Reward fund comprises EUR 5000.00.

4.2. Winners of Groups “A”, “B“, und “C” will receive Diplomas and prize-money.

4.3. Prize Winner of the group “Hope” will receive a commemorative award.

4.4. The jury and the organizers of the competition decide the amount of the reward fund among the Prize Winners.

4.5. A prize from family of Prof. Leo Maijs – a former Kuldiga inhabitant - is presented for the best interpretation of J.S. Bach`s composition.

4.6. A special prize for the best interpretation of K. Davidov`s compositions is presented.


5.   Jury of the competition

5.1. Participants’ performance will be judged by International Jury. Jury members elect the Head of the Jury themselves.

5.2. If participant’s performance does not meet the requirements of the competition, the jury has the right to stop the performance and not allow participating in further competition.  

5.3. If misunderstandings regarding general rules occur, Latvian text is determinant.

5.4. The Jury evaluates the performance of competitors according to system that is based on following criteria:

5.4.1.   artistic performance;

5.4.2.   technic;

5.4.3.   style;

5.4.4.   total impression.

5.5. Before the competition the Jury establishes the system of evaluation points, when necessary the result gets established by voting for the final distribution of places. The Head of Jury has two votes.

5.6. The decision of the Jury is indisputable.

5.7. The Jury members don’t evaluate the performance of their students, abstaining from giving points and voting.


6.   Competition procedure

6.1. The competition consists of three rounds, except of the group “Hope” - with one round only.

6.2. Travelling, catering and hotel expenses are covered by the participant or his/her school.

6.3. Participants will draw lots to determine the performing sequence. The performing sequence will be maintained throughout the competition.

6.4. The entire repertoire must be performed by heart, including the free choice compositions.

6.5. After each round the results are put out in public.

6.6.  The Final concert together with The Symphony Orchestra will take place on 12/05/2018. All participants have to perform in the First part of the Final concert. The winners of the competition and some participants chosen by the Jury have to perform also in the Second par of the Concert.

6.7. The organizers of the competition hold the rights to record, film and take pictures of the competitions’ stages and concerts and use the materials for marketing and other needs without rewarding the competitors.


For more information, please, contact:

Agnese Lapsiņa, 00 371 26198759,

Terēza Strauta, 00 371 633 22371, 00 371 27020793,